[Insert Number Here]’s a Charm Right?

I have to confess, I’ve had a blogging itch for quite some time. When I give in, I may post consecutively for two days and then desert my poor blog for a good 3-12 months. At which point, the cycle begins again. I usually give up on blogging for a bevy or reasons, but the most frequent reasons are:

  • I can be very consistent at not being consistent
  • I figure that everyone and their mom (no,really) has a blog – surely the world does not need another blog by moi. 
  • I suck at journaling, thus I must also suck at blogging – right?
  • I can never decide what this space should be about
  • I’m not comfortable with the unknown. I like things to be planned.
  • I get stuck in a vortex of comparing myself to other girls, and figure if they’ve said it, blogged it, or Instagrammed it, what could I possibly have to add?
  • I’m not super comfortable blogging deep thoughts (now what?) 
  • The interwebs can be a mean place

And then I realized something. Bloggers (the good ones, anyway) blog for them. They do what works, leave what doesn’t and move on with their lives. I know that I’m not interested in becoming a career blogger (props to y’all who do!) but I now understand that blogging could be an awesome creative outlet for me. I always thought of blogging as an outward journey, not a inward adventure. But, that has changed recently. 

Personally, I just want to use this space to document living a fuller life. I won’t Instagram every bit of my life, upload all of my eats each day. I do know, however, that this really will be a space for me to  be creative, put my thoughts down, and expand areas of my life that could use more attention. 

I, by personality am a hardworking girl who gives everything to work, and often finds there isn’t much of me left to enjoy life. This is my account of changing that 🙂 I’m looking forward to it 🙂

– Karmen


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