September to Remember


Hey Hey! Look at this – two consecutive posts!

I guess I should start with another confession: I love the start of a new month! It means a fresh start, new goals, new plans and things to look forward to.

I consider it a bonus that this month kicks off fall as well. September is also my 6th wedding anniversary, so pardon me if I am a bit more squishy and lovey around the 15th of this month 🙂

I’ve found that setting monthly goals works really well for me – so I’m going to keep that ball rolling. Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this month:

1. Become an early riser – I work from home. Yes, it’s awesome. No, I do not work in my pj’s. While working from home is great, it can also eat up your life. I can sit down at the computer around 9am, blink, and it’s 7:30. Boo. That’s not healthy – at all. However, I’d love to start getting up earlier – it gives me time to do the things that are really important, and sets a lovely tone for my day. I found this article from Zen Habits about becoming an early riser, and am going to base my goal on that. All in all, I’d like to start getting up at 6am daily. Maybe 7 on the weekends. The Plan: This week, I’ll start waking up at 8am every day, Week 2, 7:30am, Week 3, 7:00am and the end of the month 6:30am. Obviously, I also plan to get to bed a bit earlier – getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night. 

2. Clean out/organize our storage unit – The husband, dog and I recently moved from Michigan to Ohio. It was a quickly decided and executed move. I love it in Ohio. That being said, we’re in a transitional which involves a poorly organized storage unit containing most of our worldly possessions. Turns out most of our worldly possessions at all..they are more junky than anything. This move to Ohio was a fresh start – so when we are ready to move into our new place, I’d love to move the things that are important, and get rid of the rest.  I read an interview with Jordan Ferney on A Cup of Jo on living in a small space, and thought her tips were super helpful. Though I doubt we’ll be living in a space that small, I’m of the less is more approach and would love to scale down on what we own. This post and this one are also super inspiring from Young House Love are awesome too.

3. Find a church, forreal – I haven’t consistently been to church in a month of Sundays. For some, this wouldn’t be an issue, but for me, it’s important – and it sort of feels like something is missing. So, I’d love to find a church home and get involved this month. Or, at least, visit a few more churches 🙂

4. Stick to a eating/fitness plan – When I started this blog, I weighed around 172. The heaviest I’ve ever been. I now weigh 164 thanks to eating well, sweating once a day and being mindful. August was a disaster. There were too many glasses of wine, squares of chocolate and less than healthy food. I’m back on it this month! The plan: Meal plan for the month, grocery shop once a week, and stick to my workout cal. 


5. Be social – Ughh, I’m an introvert in a new city. Which means I have no friends. Haha, don’t feel sorry for me. The only people I know are my husband (duh), his family and his friends. I miss having girlfriends, I haven’t had them in years! I don’t need a gaggle of women, just one or two awesome girlfriends would be fantastic. Having realized that, I’m going to start putting myself out there. The Plan – I’ll be back in Michigan this month, so I plan to spend quality time with a few friends there. As for Ohio, I’m going to check out a girl’s running group, try to connect with bloggers in the area, etc. 

6. Stick to our budget! – The husband and I have been sticking to a budget for a few months, and we’re making progress. The current problem is we have too many wants, and plans, and not enough money. Time to revisit our budget and adjust. The Plan: We’ll sit down together, hash out a few real goals, put the rest on the back burner, and go from there. 

I’ll post updates throughout the month! What are your goals for September?


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